About Us

Originally established in 1990, Compass Fencing and Landscapes has grown extensively. When we first started, we were a two-man operation. Thanks to our consistent history of excellent customer service, we’ve attracted plenty of new clients and expanded the business to meet their needs. Our quality workmanship and unbeatable skills continue to impress customers in the Leeds area, making Compass Fencing and Landscapes a local synonym for affordable, high-quality gardens.

Compass Fencing and Landscapes is expanding its range of services! On the customer’s side, the company is growing to accommodate the specialised needs of commercial clients as well as the domestic customer who still receive unbeatable service. Professionally, the firm has begun partnering with architects, garden designers, and other professionals in the region to ensure that we continue to deliver the most imaginative and effective solutions to your garden problems.

Over the past two years, the permanent staff at Compass Fencing and Landscapes has doubled in size, and the roster swells even further with extra help in peak gardening seasons. Capital investments in customised vehicles and specialised equipment have dramatically extended the company’s capabilities.

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“All we intend to do is provide the highest possible standard of comprehensive service to our clients for every sort of landscaping construction, renovation, and maintenance work.”

– Wayne Gomersall, Owner