How To Select Fence Panels

In this article, we will be discussing different types of fence panels that can be used in your Leeds fencing projects. We will also be teaching you about the important factors that you need to take into consideration when choosing specific types of fence panels. All fence panels basically function in the same way. They help to increase the security around your house, help with reducing noise and define boundaries. They have been designed to service basic fencing purposes and to help with beautifying your home. These fence panels all can be used with your Leeds fencing projects. The following is some more detailed information that can help you make your final choice.

Waney Edge

Another name for this kind of panel is overlap panels. They are an ideal choice for a fence that needs to be built on a budget. Our expert fence fitters make them out of renewable timber. The panels will last as long as 15 years and have practically no maintenance needs at all. If that is what will meet your needs then you can have them stained exactly the way you want them.

Feather Edge

Added durability and strength make these the perfect choice for your playground or garden needs. They are also perfect if your family happens to play ball a lot. This is long lasting fencing that can be used in your back yard, front yard or side garden. Ensure the timber is pressure treated for maximum durability. We only use pressure treated panels when selecting for our customers.

If you would like additional strength, the double-sided version can be selected. It will be more attractive, and you will have more security also. For more durability, we can specially treat timber also.

Trellis Panels

The Trellis garden fencing that we have available features beautiful open framework comprised of interesting pieces of bamboo, metal or wood. They are very effective and a perfect way of sprucing your garden up. Trellis Panels come in various sizes, shapes and timbers. They can either be left in their natural state, or you can have them stained or painted.

Trellis panels are a versatile and attractive way of defining and adding a new dimension to an existing garden area or other outdoor space. They are ideal for privacy purposes in areas that have swimming pools in them and for screening off a view that is unsightly. For aesthetic reasons, they are definitely preferred over solid panels.

Picket Fence

Quite often picket fencing is used for helping to keep pets in or define property boundaries. The distinguishing characteristic of picket fences are the vertical units that are equally spaced and attached to each other through the use of a rail. They won’t block your view since they are lower in height.

PVC is fastly becoming more popular to use with picket fences. It is white already so you won’t need to white wash your fence and it is readily available. It works very well for decorative purposes in addition to being a good boundary marker.

Hit and Miss

This type of garden fence is referred to as ‘Hit and Miss’ because the boards are alternatively fixed to the back and front panels on the cross bars. They overlap and create a unique pattern that is referred to as ‘hit and miss’ because of its style. Both sides of the fence look the same, so the neighbours won’t have an unsightly view from the other side of your fence.

Slotted jack posts are available for them. This lets the wind through but still provides owners with privacy. To improve their appearance, always consider using timber planed on all sides.

Close Board Fencing

This type of fencing will provide you with excellent durability and security. It is reasonably priced as well. The panels are made from boards with vertical feather edges. They are vertically aligned and fixed onto supportive wooden rails. You can erect this type of fence so that it follows the ground’s contours. That is why it is well-suited for gardens with uneven ground contours.

For added longevity is it a good idea to fit caps on the top and treat the wood for rot.

Fancy Panels

This style of panels really stands out, and It may include any type of fence altered to your specifications. A variety of products are used and they can be more environmentally friendly as well. You should only purchase them from a forest source that is well managed.

Bespoke Fencing

This type of fencing is very beautiful and comes in handcrafted solid panels made in bespoke sizes. You can choose what style you want and they are available in various stains, colours and timbers. A beautiful trellis can be created on top of the fencing or it can be left plain. They work well in an odd shaped garden since odd sized panels can be used with this style.

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