The Laws Pertaining to Installing Fences Around Your Garden

If you want to install a fence around your garden, you might not have considered any relevant laws. Many people believe it doesn’t make sense to have regulations about fences, however, there are rules that apply, and it’s important that you’re aware of them.

Many people are under the misconception that a fence is allowed to be 2m high. Many people have used this incorrect information, which is a widespread issue. The actual law states that fences can be as high as 100m, however, appropriate permission must be obtained. The 2m limit if for fences that don’t require approval.

At first glance, the law seems straightforward. However, there is a bit of the wrinkle. If the fence, is only 2m, you may still need to get permission before you affix a trellis to the fence. If a plant exceeds 2m, that’s fine, however, if the support system is taller than that you need permission.

It’s critical to familiarise yourself with all laws pertaining to the fence repair and maintenance if it serves two properties. Sometimes the law produces strange outcomes depending on the area. One thing you should consider is that if you’re facing away from your house, the fence to the right is your responsibility. This seems to be nonsensical.

The law provides that if the fence post is on your property, you should maintain the property. This is similar to what happens when a farm is divided by hedges and ditches. A ditch may be dug on your property, with the oil being deposited on your land. In this way, the fence can be placed on your plot instead of your neighbours.

You must pay attention to safety when you build a fence. If you have fencing, that borders a public path or passageway, your fence may not offer sufficient safety against someone who goes past the fence. Your fence should provide you with some form of protection against intruders, without causing them any harm. Anything that poses an injury hazard may be eliminated.

Barbed wire might jut out and poke someone, that’s why it’s forbidden. Whereas some people believe that broken glass should be affixed to the top of the fence, this might be a good way to deter intruders. It’s actually disallowed because it could cause harm to someone who attempts to climb it. Even though they’re trying to commit a crime, you can’t legally install a fence that will hurt them.

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